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It is possible to grant certain permissions to club members without administrator status. Club members with specific rights can then also use the dashboard and assist with managing the club (to post, edit or delete news items, for example).

Granting permissions can be done in the following way:

  • Login via the Cyql dashboard
  • When logged in; go via the menu on the left to Members
    • Tip: On the members page; search for the corresponding club member via the search field on the right side
  • Click on the name of the relevant club member
  • Go to the Permission tab at the top
  • Here you can choose to give the club member specific permissions. You can also make the club member an administrator. An administrator automatically has all rights.

Meaning of specific permissions

There are three types of permissions per category; read, write and delete. When a club member has one of these specific rights, he can log in to the Cyql dashboard.

  • Read: With read permissions, the club member can view all data on the selected page.
  • Write: With write permissions, the club member can edit and create content of the selected pages.
  • Delete: Delete permissions allow the club member to delete content from the selected pages.


Below is an overview of the various pages in the dashboard for which rights can be granted; apart from 'My profile', you can access each page via the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Home
    This is the first page you see when logged in to the dashboard.

  • My profile
    Here you will find your own profile details. You can find this page by clicking on your name at the top right and clicking on 'My profile' in the displayed menu.

  • Settings    
    On this page you can adjust generic club settings.

  • Rides
    Here you will find the club's rides overview. All rides that are planned or have already taken place are shown here.

  • News
    Here you will find all news messages created via Cyql and displayed in the app.

  • Activities
    Here you will find an overview of agenda items. A club can choose to create non-riding-related events (such as a general members' meeting) here to draw attention to them.

  • Parcels
    A private 'market place'. Club members can offer or ask for (cycling-related) items here. Clubs can also display their merchandise here and inform club members how to order it.

  • Locations
    Does your club often depart from the same location(s)? Then create a 'favourite location' here so you don't have to look up the departure address every time you create a ride.

  • GPX library
    A collection of all GPX files that, for example, can be managed by route creators. This way you don't have to upload a new GPX each time, but you can reuse GPX files.

  • Members    
    An overview of all club members. Clicking on a club member shows all details and allows you to assign permissions to a club member.

  • Labels
    An overview of all labels created within a club. With labels, you can easily group club members, types of tours or GPX files or find them via filter options in the app.

Below a screenshot of the permission page.

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