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Participants & road captains of a ride can see ICE information from other participant. Participants and road captains of a ride can see ICE information of other participants. When the field is completed in the profile, it can be viewed when a participant indicates they are participating in the ride. You can then click on "participants" at the ride. When you then click on the profile of the person who filled it in, the ICE information is visible. Only other participants who are also signed in to the ride can view the ICE number/emergency number.

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In a ride, participants and road captains can use ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone numbers of other participants to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. This means that if an emergency occurs during the ride, those involved can act quickly and provide the necessary assistance.

By sharing this information with other participants, they can act quickly and appropriately and contact the appropriate individuals or agencies in the event of an emergency.

Sharing ICE phone number is critical to the safety of participants and can save lives. Therefore, it is recommended that all participants enter this information in the app under "my profile" so that it is visible to road captains and other participants before the ride begins and during the ride. This allows everyone to be well prepared and safe on the ride.

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