How does the "Groups and Labels" work?

Modified on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 at 11:18 AM

Creating groups/labels

The following steps should be followed for creating Groups and Labels within the app:
1. In the dashboard (, go to the "Groups & Labels" page.
2. Click on "Add Group."
3. Now add a title. This will also be shown in the app when filtering and creating a trip. For example, choose the name "Speed Groups".
4. Then press the Add Label button.
5. Enter a name of the label here, e.g. "26-28 km/h".
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the number of desired labels is reached.
7. Now click "Save" in the upper right corner and the group with associated labels will be updated.

Assign labels to ride
The following steps can be followed for adding labels to a trip created in the dashboard:
1. Create the ride as usual.
2. Under the heading "Tags" you will see the Groups & Labels option, now click on the "Add Labels" option.
3. You can now select one or more labels you want to associate with the trip.
4. Ready? Then click on Okay.
5. Now fill in all further details of the ride as usual and then click "Save" to add it.

The following steps can be followed for adding labels to a ride created through the app:
1. Create the ride as usual.
2. Under the "Labels" heading, you will see the "Add Labels" button.
3. Click this and you will get an overview with all the groups and associated labels you have created.
4. Select one or more labels, which you want to link to this ride.
5. Ready? Then click on "Save".
6. When you have filled in all other details of this ride, click "Save" to add this ride.

App - Filtering on labels
To filter in the app based on particular rides:
1. On the home screen, click the "All rides" button.
2. Then choose the "Filter" button in the upper right corner.
3. You will now see the groups and labels you have added at the bottom of the list.
4. Choose one or more labels you want to filter on.
5. Click on "Show trips."

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